Millionaire Businessman Rapes Woman On Public Beach (PHOTO)

A tycoon has been accused of forcing a
woman to perform oral séx on him and telling her there is nothing she can do about it because he has a lot of money.

32-year-old British Billionaire, Gregory Charles Cox faces two charges of séxual intercourse without consent with a 21-year-old tourist on the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

During the assault, Cox reportedly told the victim: ‘You can tell the police, you can tell whoever you like but this will never go anywhere – I’ve got a lot of money.’

Court records have revealed that the pair then went to the beach after many hours drinking together when she remembers Cox sitting against a concrete wall while
she had her back to the ocean.

‘She recalls being on her knees, trying to stand up but not being able to.

‘She recalls being held down, she recalls crying and being terrified’ – it was revealed in court.

In his opening address to the jury in May, prosecutor said: ‘She recalls being on her knees and she tried to stand up but being unable to stand up because something was holding her down. She recalls being
terrified at that point.’

Cox is then said to have forced her to perform a séx act on him.

Afterwards she cried and hit Cox on the thighs as she told him: ‘Please stop, please stop – I don’t want this.’

Her cries for help were later heard by a young couple and she was taken to a police station, where officers described her as being ‘distressed, shivering and

Police were also said to have heard her say: ‘He told me over and over again that he had a lot of money.’

Cox, who founded the Manchester-based
Quintessential Finance Group, was also on holiday in Australia when the alleged attack took place in January last year.

Source: Dailymail


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