Average Man-Hood Sizes From Around The World Revealed: Africa Leading

New Zealand men have bigger things than
Australians but tie equal with the British, a
new study shows.

According to the data, British boys have an average erect man-hood length of 13.9 centimetres while the Australian average
is 13.2 centimetres.

The study, by controversial scientist Richard Lynn, has collected data showing the average man-hood size of men from 113 countries which Lynn claims proves that racial stereotypes around man-hood size hold true.

While Koreans came bottom in the survey, measuring up at just 9.6 cm, the Republic of Congo came first with a healthy 18 centimetres.

Media reports show UK nationals are pleased to come in ahead of the French with 13.9 centimetres to their neighbours’ 13.4. Lynn, British Professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, has previously released
research identifying intelligence differences between men and women as well as racial intelligence gaps.

His study says that the findings confirm previous theories of “race differences in man-hood length” with African men the best endowed and Asian men the least.
However, Lynn’s evidence has been called into question, as the figures were taken from a non- academic website that collected data on man-hood length.

The findings were published in the journal Personality and Individual Difference.
Average man-hood sized of selected countries in centimetres:

Republic of Congo – 18

Ecuador – 17.7

Ghana – 17.2

Columbia – 17

Iceland – 16.5

Italy – 15.7

South Africa – 15.2

Sweden – 14.9

Greece – 14.7

Germany – 14.4

New Zealand – 13.9

UK – 13.9

Canada – 13.9

Spain – 13.9

France – 13.4

Australia – 13.2

Russia – 13.2

USA – 12.9

Ireland – 12.7

Romania – 12.7

China – 10.9

India – 10

China – 10

Thailand – 10

South Korea – 9.6

North Korea – 9.6


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