How I Quit Robbery In 2011 – Godogodo’s Confessions About His Life

Abiodun Ogunjobi, otherwise known as , the dreaded one-eyed robbery czar who
terrorized Lagos and other South-West states, killing no less than 50 policemen while raiding several banks, businesses and homes, for over 14 years reveals
details of his life.

He disclosed that he almost quit robbery in
2011,speaking at the state Police Command headquarters, Ikeja, where he is currently being detained following his arrest by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, led by SP Abba
Kyari, on August 1. Godogodo said that he wanted to stop robbing after building two houses and setting up 50 fishponds,
valued at about N16 million, in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

He added that he also travelled to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to buy clothes whose sales would keep him busy when he is not on his fish farm. However, his dreams got dashed when an operative of
SARS, who had been on his trail for long, got an intelligence report on his location and traced him to his mansion.

Relocation to Ibadan
It was gathered by the journalists that the operative met a member of one land-owning family, locally known as omo-onile in the area and made him take an oath not to reveal his mission to anyone.
But the omo-onile informed Godogodo of the presence of a SARS operative in search of him and he quickly fled Ikorodu and relocated to Ibadan where he built two
more mansions.

The source said, “He met a young man, an omo-onile, in Ikorodu who showed him Godogodo’s house but he was not in.
Only his wife was around. “The operative paid the omo-onile to keep watch on Godogodo’s house and report to him whenever he sets his eye on him, but
news got to him (Godogodo) that a police undercover operative was in town looking for him. He fled without packing his property.”

I built 52 fish ponds As Godogodo further narrates, in 2008 he finished building his own house in Ikorodu and managing a
good business for his wife. After doing so he wen into fish farming and built about 52 ponds, making good money from them.

“I usually sell each pond between N600,000 and N800,000 and it took me four months to grow fingerlings into a maturity for sale. The business was moving smoothly and I had over 15 people working
for me at the pond.

I was still going for robberies However, he continued robbing, while the business was
“But in 2011, I decided to quit. I gave all my rifles, they were nine in number, to my boy, Tosin, who resides at Ajah and I stopped going for robberies.”

According to Godogodo, the man came to him and said SARS operative had been in town looking for him. “The omo-onile explained that the operative dropped
a live bullet into a cup of gin and made him swear an oath that he would not reveal his mission to anyone and he should also inform him upon my return.

“The moment I heard this, I knew there was trouble and my cover had been compromised, because nobody knew where I lived, including my gang members. I quickly moved out of the house and I went to Ajah to relax before I contacted my wife and asked her to leave the house without picking anything.”

How I went back to my gang The people running the Godogodo’s ponds were no
longer remitting money, because they hear that the police were after him.

“At that point I was left with no option than to go back to my gang. After some few bank robberies in Osun and OndoStates, I made huge money which I used to buy the land at Ibadan before I started building on it.

But after that,I became more vicious and I made sure that I took part in all major operations within the South-West.”


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