EXPOSED: See The Face Of OOU Female Student Who Has Slépt With 7 Of Her Coursmates Husband

Hi! Am a student [name withheld] of Olabisi Onabanjo University and I am confused on what to do ever since I discovered my hallmate and
classmate Picture Above was sleéping with my husband….
I discovered through my husband’s phone when I saw a text message sent by my hallmate, indicating her name and her account number, I was furious and I had to
confront my husband to the extent of threatening him for a divorce.

After the threats and insult my husband finally confessed that he met her through facebook that he never knew she stays in my hall and the girl even asked her out on facebook, to the extent that my husband and this my shameless hallmate met like 5 times in a Cheap chalet hotel that cost for 1000 naira per hour, my husband had séx with her like 4 times and she even gave my husband a Mouth Gig to the extent that she asked my husband if she was good on béd.
I seriously don’t know what to do cos this girl knows my husband very well to the extent I do give her things out of what My husband do bring for me in school, she has seen my husband countless time both on phone and in real life, although my husband does not recognise her.

After this incident I told some of my other hallmates about how the harlot has been sleéping with my husband to my own surprise one them told me that she has done it to her before, that she tried to snatch her boyfriend to the extent she caught her in a hotel room with her boyfriend, and I was told she has been
doing such for a long time and she has done it to so many people, calling her a husband snatcher. They told me she once said she Was going To Deal with me one
time me and her had a misunderstanding.
Ever since the incident the girl has refused to come back to the hall we live on campus, she’s scared and ashamed.
I don’t know what to do to this situation, my hallmates said we should beat her me while some advise me to embarrass and humiliate her in class because we are both in the same class in the same department of Mass communication, everybody knows her in our class, they call her Alhaja because she is a muslim and she is always covering hair and everybody in our class thinks she’s a holy girl.

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