Khloe Kardashian Kept Lamar Odom Marriage Problems “Secret” from Family for a Long Time

Life has often seemed to be an open book for theKardashian family — but, as. it turns out, Khloe Kardashian has been keeping her troubled marriage uncharacteristically close to
her vest. In fact, until recently, even her famous family members were left in the dark about the extent of her
problems with Lamar Odom, her husband of nearly four years. “Khloe did keep her marriage issues with
Lamar a secret from her family for quite some time – no one knew,” a source tells Us Weekly of Khloe,
29, who is famously close with older sisters Kim and Kourtney and mom Kris Jenner.
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As countless reports pop up about NBA player Odom, 33 — cheating rumors, supposed drug use and the status of his contract with the L.A. Lakers –a second insider close to the Kardashian family acknowledges that the embattled couple met and had a long talk at their house over the weekend.
“They are not separated,” the insider insists. (One outlet had claimed the Odom had gone missing; his agent Jeff Schwartz assured on Monday Lamar is not missing. “His wife knows exactly where
he is.”)
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“Khloe has seemed very unhappy lately. She’s not herself,” a third confidante reveals to Us. “It’s
heartbreaking to see how unhappy she is, because she is in love with him. It’s so sad.” The E! reality star was spotted late last week looking glum, with her wedding ring noticeably absent. She
took to Twitter late Sunday to lash out against the media glare. “Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk sh-t about my family!” she fumed. “F-ck
you and shame on you! I’m too protective for this sh-t!”
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“Lamar has always been Khloe’s number one priority,” says the first source. “His health and his well being are the biggest priorities to her.”
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