Selena Gomez To Put Music On Hold, Will Pursue More Acting

Selena Gomez has caught the acting bug! The 21- year-old triple threat recently revealed that her latest album — Stars Dance — will be the last one she makes for quite some time.
“I’m a woman so I change my mind all the time,” she said during a press conference for her latest film
Getaway on Aug. 21. “One day I want to do acting and just that, and then other times I just want to do music and just that, so it changes.” She revealed: “But this is my last record for a while.
I’m going to tour it and then I’m going to just kind of get into acting for a really long period of time,
The “Come & Get It” performer first broke out in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place from 2007 to
2012 before heading to the big screen in projects like 2010’s Ramona and Beezus and Monte Carlo in
2011. She took it a step further in 2012’s Spring Breakers, showing a much edgier side to her young
“I’ve been wanting to do different things starting with Spring Breakers,” she explained. “I wanted to do an action movie [like Getaway].” She added: “I got to dye my hair black, it just gave me an opportunity to kind of be someone else.”
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