Chris Brown Plays Charity Basketball Game After Suffering Seizure

It looks like Chris Brown is well and… back on his
After suffering a seizure at a Los Angeles recording
studio early Friday morning, the singer still managed
to play (and show off some skills) at a charity
basketball game against the LAPD today.
“Chris Brown came out today with his Team Breezy
to play basketball against the LAPD team at Alain
Leroy Locke Charter Prep Academy gym. He just
came out to get the community out and have some
fun and try to get the message out to reduce
violence,” an eyewitness tells E! News.
About 300 people attended the event in South
Central L.A., which was sponsored by LAPD, Second
Call (a local anit-violence organization) and
Symphonic Love, Chris Brown’s charity.
“We have partnered with Chris Brown for about four
months,” Second Call organizer Skipp Townsend
tells E! News.
“This is just one way he decided to give back to the
community with a free basketball game. He is really
into giving back to the community. All of south L.A.
He has given away basketball shoes and done other
He added, “Chris took photos with his team, the
LAPD team and many fans. He was smiling and very
happy to be there. He looked great and healthy. He
was hugging fans and grinning big and having a
great time.”
Those who attended the game said it wasn’t evident
that Breezy had suffered any sort of medical
emergency prior to the game.
“I didn’t know about any medical problems. He has
been playing. He is actually pretty good,” an
eyewitness said.
Brown, who wore a black basketball uniform, scored
some three-pointers, but the LAPD took the game
with an over 30-point lead.
There’s always next time!

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