Miley Cyrus: People Have This “Misconception of Me” as a “Ratchet White Girl”

Miley Cyrus has done a good job of distancing…
herself from her days on Disney’s Hannah Montana
— maybe too good a job, in fact. Speaking about her
edgy new image in an interview with Notion
magazine, the 20-year-old singer says she gets a
bad rap as a “ratchet white girl” and insists there’s
more to her than meets the eye.
“People have this misconception of me that I’m just
one of these kids on TV and that now I go off and
party and I’m just this ratchet white girl, and I’m
not,” she laments. “I work really, really hard, I’m
just in a different environment.”
Cyrus — who has made headlines in recent months
for her provocative outfits, love of twerking, and
sexed-up music videos — notes that she’s just trying
to figure out who she is in the context of her fame.
“I’m young and living and in L.A., which is
everyone’s dream, you know,” she explains. “I’m
living it to the fullest.”
“Rather than taking a blessing and making it a
curse, it’s just like this is what this name is now,”
she continues. “But I think my name means
something — it represents something more than just
what the media tries to make of it.”
She doesn’t specify exactly what that something is,
but it’s big. “I was thinking about dropping the
Cyrus and just being Miley, but there’s something
powerful about the fact that my name now is like a
household name,” she tells Notion.
That said, she doesn’t want to be boxed in by what
her name has represented in the past. “I think
people forget what it feels like to be 20,” she said in
a recent interview with the Associated Press.
“People just evolve and that’s all that’s happened to
me. But people think a mad scientist somehow
cooked up this potion and turned me into a different
human, which it wasn’t. All I did was get a haircut
and buy some clothes, and everyone thinks that I
am made into a robot that changes with what’s
popular every 10 years.”
“I think some people kind of fall off and they end up
going crazy because you don’t give yourself time to
go crazy,” said the star, who appears to be back on
with fiance Liam Hemsworth**. “That’s what
you’re supposed to do; you are 20, you are
supposed to be a mess because you haven’t figured
it out yet, and 10 years from now I am supposed to
have it all together.”
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Miley Cyrus: People Have This “Misconception of
Me” as a “Ratchet White Girl”

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