Jennifer Aniston Talks Being Naked With Justin Theroux and PossibleBachelorette Party Plans

Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.
And that’s exactly what Jennifer Aniston will be
doing in her latest film We’re the Millers, where she
plays a stripper. But has she taken on a lifestyle of
rockin’ her birthday suit on the daily with fiancé
Justin Theroux offscreen, too?
Chelsea Handler asked her BFF during tonight’s
Chelsea Lately if the tabloid stories that claim
Aniston and Theroux have become nudists are true.
“No, we don’t walk around nude, darlin’. I mean, we
do when it’s appropriate,” the actress said, and later
added, “It’s absolute B.S.”
Speaking of strippers and being naked, the soon-to-
be Mrs. Theroux will be celebrating her bachelorette
party at some point, so what does she want to do? “I
would just like to do a little trip to Cabo, or
something fun,” the actress said while winking to the
“What about a big, black c–k?” Chelsea suggested.
Yeah, we don’t know what to say to that, either.

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