Chris Brown Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ In Hit And Run Case, As Jail Time Still Looms In Probation Violation Case

Chris Brown has pleaded not
guilty to charges of hit and
run following a car accident in
Los Angeles earlier this year
with a court date set for
August, though misdemeanor
charges of driving without a
licence or insurance were
dismissed by prosecutors in
Los Angeles yesterday, (July
The star entered the plea on Tuesday after publicly
stating on his Twitter page that he had done
“nothing wrong,” following the accident claiming
he’d stopped and spoken to the alleged victim, Olga
Kovalenko whose Mercedes was rear ended in the
collision last May, as well as providing her with his
insurance details, according to the Los Angeles
“I did everything I was suppose to do during the so
called hit n run,” he wrote on Twitter following the
revoking of his probation terms.
“I provided the correct info(rmation). There were no
injuries or damages. (come on)!!”
A motion to dismiss the hit and run charge, due to a
civil settlement between Brown and the alleged
victim has been filed by the Fine China star’s lawyer
Mark Geragos, though the court has made no
decision on it yet.
Brown faces up to four years in prison over
probation violation (WENN)
Despite the dismissal of two of the charges, after it
was proven that Brown did produce a valid driving
licence from his native state of Virginia and did have
insurance at the time of the incident, prosecutors
confirmed they would still be pursuing the probation
violation charge stemming from the misdemeanor
The 24 year-old was on probation following the 2009
assault of then girlfriend Rihanna at the time of the
accident, with Judge James R. Brandlin revoking his
probation last week and setting a court date for
August 16.
If the star is found guilty of violating his probation he
could face up to four years in jail. Another allegation
from prosecutors is that he failed to complete the
community service hours stipulated in the probation
This dude and jail do av a connection

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