Baba North West is in deep shit

The Los Angeles Police Department has launched an
investigation after West allegedly attacked
videographer Daniel Ramos outside Los Angeles
International Airport on Friday.
The altercation, caught on camera and posted on
TMZ,click to download
took place after Ramos filmed the rapper and
asked him questions as he walked out of the airport
to a waiting car.
At one point in the video, an irritated West, 36,
breaks his silence and accuses the paparazzo of
trying to provoke him. “You’re trying to get me in
trouble so I have to pay you, like, $250,000,” West
says in the footage. He then appears to lunge at
“Kanye hates when the paparazzi speaks to him,” a
photographer source tells PEOPLE. “He got very
annoyed with the videographer and lost it.”
According to police Sergeant Belinda L. Nettles,
paramedics responded and transported Ramos to a
local hospital for medical attention. The extent of his
injuries is unknown.
“A police report was taken by the Los Angeles Police
Department and the investigation is ongoing,”
Nettles said in a statement to PEOPLE.
Although TMZ reports that police will refer the case
to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery (a more
serious charge) rather than a battery case, Officer
Sara Faden tells PEOPLE, “We can confirm that our
detectives are handling the case, however, we’re not
sure if a misdemeanor or felony charge will be filed.
The charge will determine if it goes to the City
Attorney or D.A.’s office.”
West’s rep could not be reached for comment.
Ramos is no stranger to quarreling with celebrities.
In 2007 Britney Spears bashed his SUV with an
umbrella after he pursued and photographed her.
But make we no lie ehn, the man dey beh, Kanye told the man not to ask
him questions, but he kept going — and Kanye
attacked, attempting to wrestle the camera from the
guy’s hands, and the man fell down. Kanye then
immediately jumped into a waiting car and took off.
Paramedics and police rushed to the scene.Kanye
had been out of the country since last week … when
he laid down his now-infamous anti-pap rules, telling
extent of the photog’s injuries are unclear.
Baba North west please learn to keep your cool #thats all.

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