Recently, Rihanna was questioned by journalists if there were any truths to the rumor that she and Real Madrid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, were
lovers, to which the superstar responded: “I have many gay friends and I support sexual diversity.”
Cristiano, 28, attended Rihanna’s Lisbon concert last month week and posed for pictures with her after the show.
In the photograph below, which he later shared on Facebook, the sports star was seen smiling as he flashes the peace sign while the Diamonds singer
posed next to him.
Am finding it hard to belive cuz ronaldo is one of the straights men I know, but who knows he might just be gay. May be rihanna was high or something, I can’t even comprehend but any ways there close friends so she should know even though we might not, and we all know Ronaldo to be a cassanova think he is even dating Russian model Irina Shayk. Here is a list of girls ronaldo has dated or had something with over the years, kim kardashain, paris hilton, jordana jardel, mirella grisales, daniele aguiar, nuria bermudez, merche romero, karina bacchi, niki ghazian, gemma storey,Tyese Cunningham,luana belletti.

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